Buyers Information

How long does the repair time average? Most repairs average 20-30+ minutes depending on the extent of damage and number of chips to be repaired. 

How is my windshield repaired? Your windshield is repaired using a high quality resin that bonds and seals the damaged area. Resin replaces empty air pockets to fill missing and cracked glass. To complete the process a high quality pit resin and polish is applied. After the repair your windshield is restored allowing you to wash your car as you normally would. 

Will my insurance company cover my repair cost? Your insurance provider may cover the cost of your repair with a receipt of your repair cost. Contact your insurance provider for more information. 

What if my repair doesn't hold? In the rare event that your repair still cracks Rae's Windshield Repair will attempt to repair the damage at no cost to you. Environmental factors such as weather (hot and cold temperatures) and pressure of the repair on the windshield can sometimes cause cracks to form. In this scenario it is likely your damage would have cracked regardless. You will not be charged for the repair.